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What Technology Has NOT Done – #3

SAVED US FROM OURSELVES. Will technology hold us accountable? Will it keep us on our financial plans? Will it prevent destructive investment behaviors of panic in down markets and greed in up ones? Will we bury our heads in technology
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What Technology Has NOT Done – #2

GIVE US FINANCIAL PEACE OF MIND. Can technology confirm and validate our actions, our course, and our path? Will it know us and our family personally? Will it collaborate in meetings or on the phone with our other trusted and
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What Technology Has NOT Done – #1

REPLACE A PERSON…..A REAL LIFE HUMAN-BEING. Can technology be the relationship? Can it walk with us through our challenges? Can it give us that empathy, look us in the eyes, grant full attention, and sit next to us? Can it
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What Technology Has Done – #3

Provided infinite tools.   Blogs E-Books PDFs Secure document storage and sharing Websites Computers Smart phones Tablets Remote meetings Endless social media of all varieties Etc. Etc. Etc.   Communication is paramount. We can share our messages fast and with
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What Technology Has Done – #2

Simplified the process of taking action. Simplified the process of implementing financial plans. And, simplified the process of investing on principle. With technology, we can better measure progress toward goal achievement. We can build and maintain investment portfolios with proper
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What Technology Has Done – #1

Moved our financial plans from paper to online software. A DRASTIC improvement. We can update faster. We can measure and quantify with accuracy and in real-time. Plans aren’t stale, sitting in drawers idle for years. A prospective client can view
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Did you know there were two standards in the personal finance profession? Fiduciary and Suitability. Hard to believe, but true. These are legal standards of care to you. Know the difference. It matters. Simply put, fiduciary is the highest standard
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False Promise #3 – Fee Deception

  A dishonest discussion of how you pay for financial planning and how much it costs.   This comes primarily in two forms:    Form #1. Quoting you some ridiculously low cost for the service/product or worse, telling you it’s
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False Promise #2 – High Returns, No/Low Risk

  Run from any investment discussion promising high(ish) returns with no (or minimal) downside risk.   This is the classic “if it’s too good to be true, it is.” How many people in our society have to be swindled, defrauded,
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False Promise #1 – The Guarantee

  More specific than just over-use of the term guarantee, but really any use.    Let’s cut to the chase here. There are no such things as guarantees. Only a person can try to offer a guarantee. And since a
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